Virtual Reiki Healing - Kottu Pharthanai

Virtual Reiki Healing - Kottu Pharthanai

???? Namaste Everyone ????

Believe in Miracles of Joint Prayers.

I would like to highlight the main intention of forming this group.

Creating This Divine Group has been a journey, and with all that the 2020 pandemic has thrown our way, it’s nice to stay connected with you all for a good purpose and I welcome you here!

Let’s Pray Together in this group circle with a Reiki Master, as he will be guiding us with Reiki Healing.

Therefore, you may include people who you think need prayers and healing.

Let us join our hands and include them in our prayers and may our Kottu Pharthanai heal everyone affected and the whole World and help them to recover soon.

Hope I have started something meaningful...

Join our Free Healing on alternate Sundays.

Love & Light with Blessings,

Jay Shiva ????????????

If It touches The Heart, If It Helps Guide Us On Our Path, It’s A Healing Circle !

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