Free Satsang Virtual Sessions

Free Satsang Virtual Sessions

???? Namaste Everyone ????

The first step in Spiritual Life is to have Compassion. A person who is Kind & Loving never needs to go searching for God. God rushes toward any heart that beats with Compassion. It is God's favorite place.

Let's get connected with one another spiritually through this virtual session. Let’s dive into the ocean of Chants and Soulful Bhajans.

See you all on alternate Sundays at 7pm (MYT) for the session via Zoom.


 - Short Guided Meditation

 - Manthras Chanting

 - Devotional Songs

 - Bhajans

 - Sai Sachitra (explanation of chapters)

 - Arthi

By joining Satsang, many refer to a get-together for sharing wisdom.

Devotional Satsangs like Mantras chanting, singing Devotional songs, Bhajans, Sai Sachitra (chapter reading), group Prayers - Arthi, etc… help us streamline our physical and emotional energies. The serene environment caused by group chanting can improve our overall well-being.

All Glory and Praises to Almighty...

"Coming To Our Own Inner State Of Peace, Joy And Contentment"

Blessings Always To All,

Jay Shiva ???? ❤

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