“Remember That You Were Born With A Divine Purpose And Destiny That Only You Can Fulfil….”

Jay Shiva is the founder of

Jay Shiva has been working with the Angelic realms since she received messages and appearance from her guardian angel the Archangel Michael. Her mission is to connect people to the Creator - Divine Power, Angels and Ascended Masters for personal and planetary ascension.

She wants to teach people how to manifest, listen to their Angels, Masters and inner guidance to help them move forward and live their life purpose.

Her whole life is devoted to sharing the information and light gifted to her by the Angels as well as the great Illumined Masters. Jay Shiva has combined her natural intuition with knowledge obtained through a lifetime of exposure in this world of Spirituality.

Besides being a Spiritual person, her passion is to help vulnerable people/destitute and deprived children/women of all walks of life and background in the form of charitable Help. Jay Shiva has dedicated her life to the service in humanity as her main Mission to provide Help and Assistance for those who are in need of any form of support: ie - Donation, Welfare Charities, Moral Support, Spirituality, Opportunities, Healing, Prayers, Animal Rescue, etc…

She goes all out in helping people in difficulty enabling them to achieve inner peace whilst being successful in life.

Over the past few years, Jay Shiva has supported many individuals on their struggles in poverty-stricken, financial medical help, orphanages and students, in need of education help and many other forms of help required.

Jay Shiva is a non-profit organization, established by herself to raise funds for donations given to the poor or needy and anything given as charity in terms of financial help, food, shelter, counselling and hospice care, for those People in Need. Jay Shiva has been performing this charitable work for over 15 years.

I hope you will find inspiration and valuable information on this website and i invite you to join me in deeper exploration and connection in my on-line or personal appearance events.

My journey ultimately led me to become an Intuitive Card Reader, Emotional Healer and Spiritual Facilitator. My travels in my spiritual journey have also brought me to have Spiritual connections with Melbourne and Perth (Australia), Wellington (New Zealand)and Singapore.

My mission is to help you to find the true spiritual essence within yourself.

I believe i have been chosen as an instrument for the Higher Realms to bring spirituality into reality enabling me to provide Healing and Comfort to people who approach me for guidance whereby i assist with clearing any negative emotions, leaving them relaxed and feeling lighter, more balanced and happier.

I have always been a very spiritual person and i believe the Creator-Universe has a way of guiding me to help those in need with the help of Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels. I am blessed with this Gift of being able to connect with the Higher Realms.

Jay Shiva