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Angel Chimes

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes are primarily known as an Enchanting Spiritual Healing Instrument!

It’s the sound vibrations produced by the chimes promote healing.

Wind chimes help to Attract Positive Energy and Suppress ill Luck. The gentle tinkling sound that emanates from it, helps this energy to linger on and meander gently in your space thereby attracting prosperity.

Wind chimes also represent Wisdom, Kindness and Growth


In Spiritual Healing certain frequencies of sound can heal us physically and emotionally, and can also remove negative energies from the body and from our space. Wind Chimes provide a soothing sense of harmony and tranquillity, creating a sacred and spiritual sanctuary. They are known to have positive CHI, facilitating a positive flow of energy. Their healing sounds can release emotional blockages, help to create balance, harmony and well-being.

From an ”Energy” perspective, Wind Chimes are extremely Protective as they ward off unwanted visitors, ill omens and all types of negative energy.

The clanging sounds of Wind Chimes made by even the gentlest caresses of a breeze, create reverberating, hypnotizing sounds. The soothing vibrations produced by the chimes have a pleasurable effect to our brain, resulting in stress release, feeling peace, calm and it balance your blocked chakras, promote healing, promote relaxation and increase your vibrational frequency.

To magnify the positive effects of wind chimes, you may set an intention before hanging them. You may hold your chime and recite a positive mantra or desire while imagining your energy flowing into the Chime. For an example, you can say a mantra like, ‘Bring in Positive Energy’ or ‘Fill the Surroundings with Good LuckProsperity and Positivity.’

Consider whether you want to attract positivity, repel negativity, or both, you can find the perfect Wind Chime to help you feel more Positive and Spiritually Attuned.

We have a range of Wind Chimes to suit you at your best interest.


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