A. Bhaalakreshtnen is a Kuala Lumpur-based expert numerologist with more than 20 years of experience behind the study and its practice.


Bhaalakreshtnen, who is also known as Sai, developed a keen interest in numerology while researching the study of souls. As he delved deeper into the discipline, he was providentially accepted to study under Dr. Mahha Dan Sheker Raajha, a notable numerology guru based in India.


As the age-old study of numerology is defined as the divine or mystical relationship between the value of numbers and letters in words, names and coinciding events, Bhaalakreshtnen’s practice focuses on balancing the “name number” (or “life path number”) of an individual according to their date of birth.


“Before I examine the numerological aspects of your name, I concentrate on determining the energies surrounding you; I work towards eliminating the negative and substituting with the positive, if necessary,” Bhaalakreshtnen says of his unique approach.


“If the law of karma affects your life, I work towards calculating how the universe or the divine can help you with specific positive changes. Your name and date of birth plays a key role in the ups and downs of your life, and I can help uncover what works best for you.”


Bhaalakreshtnen’s Skystar Numerology Enterprise provides a range of professional numerology consultations for individuals, businesses, newborns and compatibility readings.


Consult us today for the keys to explore and discover your own potential and destiny.


For more information or to make an appointment, please contact +6016-225 8514 or (WhatsApp) or via email

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