Get Connected

This is a platform for everyone who is interested in promoting your Business or Services! You will make New Friends, have some fun, enjoy new experiences, have awesome connections and at the same time promote your Business (Products/ Services/Spirituality & etc…..) in a Creative Unique way. I assure this is an Efficient Way to “Get Connected” with people and at the same time it is an ideal way to market your products/services known to the public. This is the best Low-Cost Advertising Strategy method for especially Small & Home business owners as this will help increase visibility and drive customer acquisition - without spending any overhead.

The goal is to provide your followers with something that’s useful, interesting and shareable. Start small, and once you have an understanding of who’s consuming your content, and what they’re interested in, you can start ramping up efforts by seeing favourable results.

I invite you to join us as it is a good way to meet New People, exchange your Biz card and socialize to get everyone aware of yourself, what you do & reach out to you. We will be having small group gatherings & events so that it is conducive & ideal for making genuine friendship as this gathering is essentially meeting of Friends-Yet-To-Be, people who will discover during conversation that they are joined together here in wonderful ways to accomplish their similar purposes.

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Jay Shiva

Get Connected 15 June 2024


Ex Tax: RM50.00


I am delighted to extend an invitation to you for an exclusive event I am organizing, tailored specifically for Small Business Entrepreneurs. This eve..

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